British Council Greece, International Museum Academy with Resilience and Sustainability course lead by Sara Hilton. Innovative partnerships exercise for museums.

Presentation of ANTIGONE and workshop for planning collaborative programs with museums’ professionals of the city. Participating in the Pan-Hellenic Museum Network, to promote the activities of the project “ARTS: Alternative Routes To Success program”.

Learning about the aims and objectives of the project, discussing the importance of evaluation and preparation of ideas for the sustainability of the project, in co-operation with museums of Thessaloniki.

Self-evaluation technique “My tree”

Throughout this experiential workshop the learners firstly dreamed and later on drew the tree, that symbolises their existence in the present. Music playing and guided by the trainer, they contacted with their personal facts of their life; resources, personal development, connection with the environment. Thoughts and feelings sharing followed, in a quite and thoughtful environment.


Antigone – Greece

ANTIGONE – Information and Documentation Centre on Racism, Ecology, Peace and Non-Violence is a non-profit organisation established in 1993 with head offices in Thessaloniki, Greece. ANTIGONE develops activities on anti-racism and non-discrimination, human rights, social ecology, peace and non-violent conflict resolution.

A recent project produced by ANTIGONE was Artability – empowering people with disabilities through art.

Part of the European Lifelong Learning Programme, Artability aimed to increase the social participation of people with disabilities and facilitate their access to cultural, recreational and vocational activities.

Artability had 4 European partners: ANTIGONE (Greece), Cogami (Spain), Tlab (Italy) and Valakupai Rehabilitation Centre (Lithuania). Their work together resulted in the creation of a handbook aimed to improve the adult education system. The handbook covered the methodology used, the activities and outcomes of the project as well as the analysis of the impact of art on the life of people with disabilities.

The main project activities included:
Weekly visual art workshops
Interactive/Online workshops on specific art techniques and guidance on how to organise a workshop
A final exhibition (which can be viewed virtually on the android app they developed)
An international exchange visit in Italy.

You can find out about all the activities they implemented and produced for the project by reading the Final international report Impact of Artability,

ANTIGONE also have a fantastic YouTube channel, where you can find several videos about projects with Roma youngsters, people with disability, migrant women, and about other activities about ecology, homophobia, and other issues.

Must-see videos are about their project Able ’20 which explores the employment of young people with disabilities.