“Loving Vincent” for pleasure and group evaluation


The group of CHROMATODROMOS from ANTIGONE went out, to watch the great movie o”Loving Vincent”! It’s a biographical animated drama film about the life of painter Vincent van Gogh, and in particular, the circumstances of his death. It is the first fully painted animated feature film.

Here is the link of the movie, to check it out: http://lovingvincent.com/

We were inspired by all these great 65.000 frames in oil paints. Later, we discussed the group’s dynamics and ambitions for a future exhibition. We decided that in spring we will organize a new exhibition, for the process of the group, with our story. It was a discussion that was always coming back for the last months, after this great evolution of the project’s dynamics. All the self-assesment sessions concluded the need of the participants to come out, express themselves, take off the stigma of the mental illness.


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