Portraits in art

Portraits in art, is a part of the creative workshops for ANTIGONE’s volunteers, focused on the portrayal of the face at various periods of history and in various styles. The volunteers, under the the guidance of the instructor,they study the techniques and styles, gaining an initial diagnosis, before they will find their own way of expression.

Every Wednesday, here!




Visitors for “Face in Different Cultures”

In ANTIGONE the previous days he had some visitors from Turkey interested in the work of the group of CHROMATODROMOS, our initiative for the promotion of artists with mental problems.

The Turkish friends were educators interested in networking with artistic groups, so they were invited to attend one Wednesday’s meeting. After a discussion and an interactive presentation of the group’s work, they were welcomed to participate in a short laboratory for face creation, focused on the representation of the Face in Different Cultures (our topic for the last workshops).

The position of women in different civilizations was an interesting issue, at the moment that many volunteers tried to create the face of the women immigrants they can deal with in their everyday life. Faces with many different colours, various expressions, thoughts for the meaning of a painting, were the discussed ideas that came up from sharing.

An interesting meeting, at the time that our group looks for partners, founders, friends…


Creating Faces- creative Faces

Face : The representation of human emotion through facial expression has interested artists since antiquity.

In ANTIGONE the artistic workshops for this period are oriented on face representation in different cultures. Different artists are invited to guide the group of volunteers on the drawing of a face, the expressions, the cultural aspects, the meaning of our inner thoughts. Every Wednesday the volunteers are gathered around the big table, reading books of art, looking for paintings to be inspired, discussing for issues they are dealing with. Is it a group therapy? No, it’s a group of people that they became friends, sharing a common love, art.

Time to be with yourself

At Medlefors we have had 24 hours yoga retreat in October. Twenty-five people came and stayed over night and had pure food (raw food and vegetarian food), drinking yogitea and ginger/ lemon water to detox.

They did a lot of yin and kundaliniyoga, pranayamas (breathing exercise and meditation) and they could choose if they wanted to be in silence or if they wished to speak with others. There was time to be still and rest.  The theme for this time was release and be in the present. The purpose of this 24 hours retreat was to have a break from the ordinary life and take time-in to listen to the mind and body. Yoga teachers were Ann-Charlott and Anneli. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!