Remember the day; our exhibition in “our” museum


2 MONTHS after ANTIGONE’s exhibition “Face in different cultures” and we are still thinking of our great moments, with great people, in a great museum!

We feel the need to ensure our followers, our friends and the people they trust our work, that we are working for a new project-exhibition…

Thank you for your support! We are here, painting a lot, communicating, evaluating, making decisions, ready to fly to Spain 🙂

Continue to follow our group.!!



Nikolaos Gizis – ANTIGONE’s visit in the Municipal Gallery of Thessaloniki.

The group of ANTIGONE visited the great exhibition of Nikolaos Gizis in the municipal gallery of Thessaloniki, in Wednesday 29th of March. We were inspired by the complexity of the drawings and the inspiration of the artist.

Nikolaos Gyzis was considered one of Greece‘s most important 19th-century painters. He was most famous for his work Eros and the Painter, his first genre painting. It was auctioned in May 2006 at Bonhams in London, being last exhibited in Greece in 1928. He was the major representative of the so-called “Munich School“, the major 19th-century Greek art movement.

He sketches the years 1886 – 1899 drawings and prints, which are developed in five modules that are a particularly rich thematic whole that charms with the dynamism of writing and its composition rate, the integrity of the art, the synthetic value and the scarcity of expression identified by the alternation of light and shade and vibration.

Among them, the section on Advertising of draft posters and inserts for magazines, which Gizis submitted to relevant competitions or created for advertising companies and products, indicating the great contribution of Gizis in the poster configuration in Germany section drafts for the project “Spring Symphony”, completed in 1888, and the section People and Places, which includes design illustrations by artist travels in Greece, from 1872 to 1874, in M. Asia in 1873 and in Tyrol 1883.