Self-evaluation experiential workshop; Meeting with the wise

In 22nd of November the group of CHROMATODROMOS arranged one more self-evaluation experiential workshop called “Meeting with the wise”.

It is an exercise for self-awareness, about guided imagination. Here are the instructions of our trainer:

“Make yourself feel comfortable, close your eyes and take some deep breaths. With each exhalation, leave all the tensions and relax more and more. Νow let your inner appetite drive you out of this room. You are walking in a path, in the woods. You can hear sounds. You can smell. You feel relaxed and calm. You come to an opening. There is a fire in the middle. A wise man is seating next to the fire and is waiting. You are getting closer. Is she or he? What is he/she wearing?…

You can ask him/her only one question. When you are ready, you are doing the question. You are listening to his/her answer. You are staying a bit longer with him/her. You are thanking him/her for his/her help and you are ready to go. He/she hugs you and gives you a souvenir for your meeting. What is it?

You are going back to the path again. You can feel the power that the present and his/her words are giving you. You are back to the room again. Open your eyes slowly…

Use a paper to write whatever you want to keep from this meeting. Discuss your thoughts for 10 minutes in couples.”

The group of the participants was feeling very happy to have one more game! N. said that it was one more great opportunity to learn more about ourselves, about our perspectives!




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