Self-evaluation: Experiencial workshop-My tree

Throughout this experiential workshop the participants firstly dreamed and later on drew the tree, that symbolises their existence in the present.

Music playing and guided by the trainer, they contacted with their personal facts of their life; resources, personal development, connection with the environment.

A short presentation for each one’s tree followed

Participants were really enthousiastic!

Τhe workshop took place during the weekly meetings for the ARTS project, in 20th of April 2016.

Training activities in Ferrara

From 3 to 7 June 2016, took place in Ferrara the second Learning/Teaching/Training Activity of our project ARTS: the workshop titled “Writing the lines” consisted of experiential activities centred on converting practical processes into intellectual outputs.

Natasha, Davide and Martina – trainers of Teatro Nucleo – led the workshop based on the Stanislavsky method applied to the empowerment of trainers working with disadvantaged groups.

Beside the 3 trainers foreseen for each partner organization, also the managers actively participated in the activities.

In the late afternoons/evenings, the participants had the opportunity to attend various shows offered as part of a theater festival. These performances have further enriched the educational offer of the training as the participants were able to see applied the techniques learned during the day.

Many photos were taken. We encourage all partners to upload their most representative shots.

ESCAPES – exhibition of paintings

The exhibition of paintings ESCAPES for the volunteer Dimitra Laiou, is fact!

The group of the volunteers worked on the preparation, construction, dissemination and support of the exhibition.

“My art comes mainly from memory and talking over all the memory struggling to touch unfulfilled.
Behind all is the solitude …. beside the lonely struggle to overcome is the struggle to overcome others.
Painting is for me a way of expressing and communicating. By traveling.
Each picture hides a story.

Art is my escape and the flight is now possible …”