Exhibition “Cogami: Arte Capaz” with the works created on our art workshops

COGAMI’s art workshops just closed down an exhibition that took place at Ciudad de la Cultura in Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña-Galicia).

Together with works of Taller Xeira, which is a member of the A.R.T.S, other works created by some of our colleagues of Cogami Day  Care Centre and Monterroso Occupational Training Centre were shown. The exposition consisted on fourteen paintings and two sculptures.Here we show you some pictures from the exhibition:

Seven Stars show us the way to happiness, in Newcastle

4th of October 2016, after a very long journey from Thessaloniki to Newcastle.

But for the next 4 days, the “Seven Stars” and the group of “PrintAble”, hosted us in an atmospheric church, where performing and dancing set away any barrier of weariness and lack of inspiration.

And we are still here to follow your way!

Self-evaluation workshop in ANTIGONE: Mandala with values of my life



  1. Write the 10 most important values in your opinion (ex freedom, love, recognition)
  2. Put them in hierarchical order first the most important and then the less etc.
  3. Next to each value put a color that you think fits or it’s expresses you..
  4. Choose a mandala design (from what it was given).

Create a draft of your own mandala putting in the center the colors of the most important values, outside the next values-colors etc.

The work can be reproduced with materials and techniques of your choice and the size you want.

This technique has many ramifications

It’s associated with self-awareness, connects painting with our core values. Moreover, it captures in a single, unique and significant form for each one of us, all of our values, despite our own potential values.