Self-evaluation exercise “The symbol”

Together with refugee students that were interested to our group art work, we discussed, painted and get more familiar with self-evaluation activities.

“The symbol” activity is addressed to self-knowledge, communication and expression of desires. The needed time is 1 hour and the place has to be protected and relaxed.

We need copies of a printed shield, where we ask from the learners to paint or do a collage:

Top left- what do you enjoy to do on your spare time

Top right- what are you proud for yourself

Bottom left- a bad moment you would like to forget

Bottom right- how do you dream yourself


We are divided into couples and discuss our creations. We have some minutes to listen to the other, and some to talk about ours. At the end, we hang them and everyone can see all the shields.

The facilitator encourages the learners to work as a part of an exercise and not of an artistic laboratory.

It was a very interesting activity, putting people react together, in mixed languages, coming from different cultures and expecting from themselves the best result. It was a hot afternoon of May 16th, were the refugee students struggle with future expectations of their lifes and ARTS learners with how people deal with them.