Thoughts after the holidays…evaluating the running activities of the project

Coming back from our summer holidays, we are met for our regular art workshops, Wednesdays at 15.00.

People with disabilities and mental issues carry the experience and knowledge that can be used as a primary source for bottom-up initiatives to promote social inclusion through art. ARTS feels that the flow of daily experiences of people with disabilities are indispensable to the sustainability of the envisaged art workshops. As such, marginalised people are regarded among responsible contributors for development of workshop curricula along with adult trainers, artists, and for selecting the themes of weekly art classes.

The methodological approach of the project ARTS can increase social participation of people with disabilities and facilitate access to cultural, recreational activities and activities for developing new professional skills and knowledge. The democratic pedagogical approach can foster participants’ self-confidence and make them willing to express themselves and setting up a space where their opinions are being taken into consideration. This can have a positive impact on their families and daily lives. The cooperative organisation of art labs, the  workshops and the the transnational learning activities can  build concrete skills expendable in the job market.