A project in the project

Our new member, Kawa from Syria, wanted to motivate the group and encouraged us to talk about ARTS project, during his exhibition of paintings in the framework of Small Room Project. His paintings are a part of an experiential audiovisual exhibition about the critical refugee issue.

The impact of his success into the group is great; bilateral advantages for inclusion and tolerance. ARTS project proves that people can transform their pain in a creative and positive way. And of course, accept diversity.

For those who are interested to the Small Room project: http://www.asklepeion.gr/en/small-room-project/



Northumberland Day

As part of our Northumberland Day celebrations we shared our ARTS project with the local community.

Allie presented the aims and objectives of the project, how it fits with our work and the benefits not only to the people we work with but the wider community too.

The event was attended by just over 40 people from other learning disability organisations, the local council and businesses across the North.


Visiting art exhibition of a Kurdish artist

A Kurdish mother, that arrived as a refugee in Greece from Syria, inspired us to meet her and enjoy her expressive art pieces! A hard story from a strong woman, that found the way to show to people her talent, but also her story. We managed to meet Zozan Hamo and present our group work. She was very open to follow the project’s activities. Of course, she had to say more…

It is really important to mention that her talent’s story came to us by our new member, a very interesting artist refugee also from Syria, Kawa. He learned for us, asked to participate in the activities, but also teach us his technique! A very supportive person, that believes in group work, tolerance and flexibility! Thank you Kawa! Thank you Zozan!



The work done during the week in Thessaloniki was an important and positive  experience that has matured in all of us the awareness of the strength that Art can have in helping people.

There have been five days of encounter, listening, observation, exercise and visits.
From the first day, with friends of ANTIGONE, Andromachi and Byron, we have worked with ludic painting, a entertaining activities to get in touch with each other, to make us know aesthetically and at the same time participate in the dual role of “models to be portrayed “(passive) and ” painter artists “(active).

Subsequently, the Spanish friends of COGAMI have exposed the professional work experience within their association, with its teaching laboratories supporting the disabled. So the Swedish team of MEDLEFORS FOLKHOGSKOLA has involved us with their physical body relaxation techniques and activities.

Particularly interesting was the lesson of the English group of HEADWAY ARTS about the “self-evaluation” process. A work that involved all participants by collecting a number of possible principles that may be useful for user rating.
An approach based on the centrality of the person, stimulating mutual trust and a kind of courage to activate the various relational opportunities: meeting, commitment, spirit, fairness, expressiveness, tolerance, etc.
In summary, a process of evaluation that can be understood as a journey to take without being in a hurry, as it takes time to learn to know and during which you must find the right “balance” between the individual placed in the center of attention and The group around it. Introducing mutual mechanisms of flexibility, solidarity, group spirit and positive thinking.

In the next day, at the Contemporary Art Museum in Thessaloniki, we have been working on art workshops on the subject of different cultures about the expression of the facial portrait. The theme of self-portrait with the Pop Art technique; a little workshop for making decorative objects (necklaces, masks, crowns, etc.) linked to the traditional mythological culture of the Greek carnival; at last we met some artists-users from the Antigone Association, who illustrated the working techniques and how they made their works.

Finally, in a gray and decadent aesthetic of Thessaloniki palaces facades that display all their splendor decorated with parables and air conditioning machines, the opportunity to discover the colors of artistic expression around the different environments (museums, cafes, Grocery stores, branch offices, private circles, etc.) that hosted the collections of artists linked to Antigone, gave us a contrasting, positiv and vibrant inner vision of the city itself.

We thank Andromachi and all friends of Antigone for the hospitality and the fantastic organization and we fully share the words of Byron with which he defined that “in Art the madness is added value”

Where the flexibility meets the ability!


The photo of our partners inspires us! We often go back to the days they were hosted in Thessaloniki, remembering their enthusiasm, positive energy, participation.

Thinking about principles, we can totally agree that flexibility is the most important aspect for our groups. But ability, is the most important word for CHROMATODROMOS and ANTIGONE, remembering that everyone is able to produce art; we just need the motivation and the way to believe to ourselves.

Tolerance, reflection, open minds, responsiveness are some more of our ideas on what are the principles of the work we do together with our european partners.

Let’s not forget what our friend, Pit, wanted to say:


Enjoy your week!