How can we best organise and interpret the creative ideas that come from the process?

What are we learning?

What can we do to help the learner recognise what they have learned?

How can we best apply this to our organisation?

What conditions do we need to put in place for people to progress their learning?

The five questions above were posed by U.K. beginning the qualitative evaluation and underpinned the cyclical reflective process explored throughout the A.R.T.S project.

These questions were designed to gradually build a person centred model, encouraging alternative assessment techniques and were applied to all our learning; as individuals, organisationally and project wide. They were considered at every mobility and stage of the work to collect feedback and observations from participants to feed back in to the next stage.

The evaluation questions were continually used to check and balance the progress of a single session and concurrently, the project as a whole.

The A.R.T.S Quality Framework grew out of these exchanges. Pictured is such a discussion about common principles in our work during a mobility to Greece.

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