Medlefors’ Magic Moments

We have experienced many memorable moments together during this project, but these are some of the moments that we felt stood out – our magic moments:

In a park outside of Teatro Nucleo, Ferrara, on our first trip, we found ourselves working with rhythms and finally becoming a percussion orchestra. A magic moment that was both exciting, strange, challenging and liberating.

Seeing how the participants were affected by Vita Martinez during her workshop (in Spain).

Watching Paula and Tim perform in England, it moved us to tears.

The non-verbal communication in some of the plays we watched in Italy. We don’t remember the name of the play, but we were captured by the girl with dark hair that had the most amazing way of expressing with her face.

The process during the workshops in Italy. We were creating something together, stepping out of our comfort zones and communicating with each other, sometimes without a common language. Seeing how it was put together in the end was great.

It was a reminder that even if our participants/students don’t realise that the things we do are just like pieces of a bigger puzzle, the “product” can still be a success, if they trust us and do the work. But, it was also a reminder that sometimes we must explain why we do the things we do, for them to carry on. If they don’t see the meaning with an exercise, why should they do it?

Meeting people from different countries, sharing experiences and trying new things together. During these meetings, I have danced, painted, taken part in drama exercises, and a lot of other things, together with people I didn’t know. I dared to do so, because I felt safe, and because we all were there for the same reason. It was like stepping in to a bubble, in which I did things I wouldn’t do at home. This was a very good example of what I have felt earlier, that we must create “a bubble” if we want our participants/students to step out of their comfort zones and challenge themselves.

Headway Arts: Our Magic Moments

Sharing food in Skellefteå, Sweden
A wonderful way of meeting and getting to know each other; tasting and discussing the food from each partner country kicked off some great conversations and some great friendships. Fantastic way to start the project.

Discussing Equality v Equity in the workshop in Thessaloniki
It was magical to have this discussion between countries; the sharing of ideas and the agreement of common language.

Creating the A.R.T.S logo in Sweden
Each individual making a piece and fitting it all together; everyone involved and working together regardless of language or cultural barriers.

Rachel arriving in Santiago de Compostela
After arriving on a different flight Rachel found us all in a restaurant in Santiago de Compostela and was greeted with rapturous excitement. Made us all feel like we were one big family!

Notebook workshop in Thessaloniki
Working together on this fun activity to make our notebooks for the week. Our ability didn’t matter and we broke through the barrier of ‘I can’t do it.’

Vegan restaurant in Thessaloniki
Finding the lovely vegan restaurant in Thessaloniki which made us feel welcome and happy!

COGAMI’s Magic Moments