Headway Arts

Hi A.R.T.S partners,

So we thought we’d kick off the introductions by telling you all about our Come on Down festival:

COME ON DOWN is the annual festival of performance and creativity for and by learning disabled people and now in its 10th year! Supported by Headway Arts and hosted by our resident learning disabled theatre company Seven Stars, the event took place in December 2015. It was attended by around 200 people with learning disabilities.

Disability arts companies, care centres, schools and community groups come to the festival to show and share the creative work they have been working on during the year. What makes the festival unique (and demonstrates our inclusive approach) is that people attend as both Performers and Audience. This means you come for the whole day to perform and to watch the performances by other groups, to share and learn and be inspired.

This year we had theatre, film, dance and movement performance, music and theatre workshops too. Here are some images:-