A.R.T.S. at TOTEM FESTIVAL in Ferrara, June 2016

TOTEM ARTS FESTIVAL AND A.R.T.S – Alternative Routes To Success
The Totem Arts Festival is a festival of theater and music produced by Teatro Nucleo, was born in 2013 in order to bring together the different territorial realities, in the neighbourhood where the Theatre is located, with national and international artists.
During the fourth edition,

which took place on 3rd to 5th June 2016, the theater and the adjacent park hosted shows for children and adults, workshops, concerts and above all a large and diverse public who participated in the three intense days of Festival.
The event is part of the community of Ferrara and Pontelagoscuro, in network with the Social Center “The Resistance” and Radio Strike, the Centro Sociale Quadrifoglio, Radio Barn and the Family-House of Baura (for heavy handicap people), the Festival of Human Rights of Ferrara, the Educational center “The Bud”.

The program this year was multifaceted, they alternated with theater performances, independent music concerts, shows for children and teenagers, results of pedagogical projects.

All performances had as central issue the concept of “performative act as an engagement tool and Inclusion” and “theater as a magnifying glass to observe contemporary society elaboration”.
Below the program in detail:

Friday, June 3rd
16:30> Paintings of adventure, concluding performances of theater workshops for children Pontelagoscuro by the Cooperative Theatre Nucleo, participating in the fourth year of primary school Carmine della Sala and community theater workshop for children “Cronopios”
18 hours> Henri Camembert – S-disorder – Circus Entertainment
19> Body and Action Network – training project on contemporary performance
21:30> The Best of All Possible Worlds – Magdalena Barile -Production Murmuris / AttoDue
22:30> Rock in the park – DANILO VIGNOLA & GIO ‘DIDONNA UkuleleRevolverTour / The GiantUndertow
Saturday, June 4th
17 “Creatures Fantastic” laboratory building with recycled materials on the road, under the project “Obsolete / Theatre for the environment”
18 Compagnia teatrale A_Ctuar / title to be decided – premiere (show for children) inspired by “Frankenstein” by Mary Shelley (admission € 3)
19 Performance aerial acrobatics in the park – Irene Guerrini
20 OfficineDuende – STATION ESMERALDA, a sound trip
21:30 play “Citizen X” directed by Manuela Rossetti with Antonella Civale
22.30 – ROCK IN THE PARK> Cut, Jackson Pollock,
Sunday, June 5th
16:30> “The world of the grown-up” – group “Born out of nothing” (GROUP OF CHILDREN FROM 10 TO 14 YEARS) Director Massimiliano Piva.
18 “Conductors” show of the Teatro Potlach for children from 4 years

1930> rock in the park
19 ELLI DE MON – One girl band <Free
21:30 “Darkness”- By and with Davide Della Chiara, Natasha Czertok – Production Cooperativa Teatro Nucleo. With the support of the Joseph Conrad Society (UK)


The 2016 Totem edition also hosted the Erasmus+  Project A.R.T.S.
During the mornings of the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th June it took place a workshop held by the teachers of the Teatro Nucleo addressed  to the participants of the ARTS Project, coming from from Italy, Spain, Sweden, Greece and England.
The group had the opportunity to get in touch with the territory of Pontelagoscuro. During the first day of presentation , the Teatro Nucleo has welcomed the European participants presenting the space where they would work the following days, the Teatro Julio Cortazar, and history, specifically the activities that brought the theater practice in psychiatric hospitals, prisons, therapeutic communities, neighborhoods and disadvantaged communities at the service of people in crisis, until the theater training at the  TEATRO NUCLEO School for Theatre in Therapy.

The following days of workshops were prepared by providing a heating early on and then focus on different aspects of theater research: the choral rhythm; the use of rhythm as an expression; voice breathing, emission, intention, color; the song; the guided improvisation; the construction of an individual and collective sequence; the tableauxbvivants; creative writing and dramatic composition.
The last day of work, the participants together with the teachers have built a montage of materials tested during the workshop.

Alongside the practical work, the group has had the opportunity to experience concrete role of observer /feed-back giver, participating as a spectator to all the performances offered by the Totem Arts Festival.


Collective Forest

To celebrate the International Museum Day, the Museum of Lugo organised an activity consisting in the preparation of the work of ephemeral art “Collective Forest” under the direction of artist Alberto Pena Rey.

It was open to anyone who wanted to participate. The “Xeira” workshop went with Cogami Day Care Centre to provide colour and creativity to the mural. This is a small summary.