The tools are designed to be used when working in groups

Embrace unexpected insights and solutions

Adapt tools to your context and needs

Allow time for the creative process and learning to unfold

There is no set methodology or pedagogy, experimentation is encouraged

Be flexible, responsive, adjust tools where you feel the need

Evaluate work using our A.R.T.S quality framework principles

“In the exuberant body painting workshop in Spain everyone was equal and free, a very happy place”

“A lot of love in England, powerful drama, leaders with presence, skill, intuition, such knowledge, everyone included there”

“Preparing and eating dinner all together in Sweden was excellent, wonderful tutors, the school beautiful”

“The theatre play in Italy with the autistic actors was very expressive, fun music workshops and a very nice festival event”

“Discovering Ancient Greek Carnival together in Thessaloniki Greece was fab, the gallery portraits workshop was very inspiring and engaging”