COGAMI – Galician Confederation of Disabled People

COGAMI is a non-profit entity declared of public utility and constituted by 53 local and regional associations created and managed by People with Physical Disabilities, in the year 1990. Its mission is to achieve the full inclusion of people with disabilities in all areas of society, through the defence and promotion of their rights, the claim for social change, the empowerment of the associationism and the provision of services that meet their needs and expectations.

It counts with delegations in the seven major cities of Galicia: Ferrol, A Coruna, Lugo, Vigo, Pontevedra, Ourense and the headquarters located in Santiago de Compostela.

For several years COGAMI has worked for the introduction of new work methodologies with people with disabilities, working with users of our Resource Centres, where people with mixed disabilities that need support participate daily.

In the last 2 years COGAMI has also begun work with theatre techniques, particularly Theatre of the Oppressed, and with artistic techniques as a tool for personal development.

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